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"Alone, we can do so little;
together, we can do so much"

~ Helen Keller


At FACCOC, we value the partnerships we’ve built with other community organizations. By working closely with other ethnic and city chambers of commerce, business associations, and charity organizations, we’ve help build a collaborative base of multi-ethnic groups all working to do business together and to help each other’s communities thrive. This work has effectively served to increase the reach and visibility of our members and sponsors, providing the greatest potential for opportunities in their respective businesses.

Below are some of the organizations we currently partner with.

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Why Do Community Partners Matter?

From cross-promoting each others events to collaborating together to put on large scale events, FACCOC and its community partners have created the best possible environment for accomplishing our respective organization’s missions and goals.

If you are a member of FACCOC, it’s beneficial for you to have the opportunities to be able to extend outside the organization. Partnering with community partners gives access to different markets and audiences which can serve to increase the visibility you gain by being a part of a chamber. Being part of a chamber that specifically recognizes the importance of creating this extended reach should be a key consideration when choosing who to join.