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If you ever spoke to any childhood friends of Cerritos Mayor Mark Pulido, they’ll tell you that serving as a leader was always his dream. Among his accomplishments growing up was serving as the President of the Filipino Club while at nationally-ranked Whitney High. Whether it was at the high school level or beyond, Mark always strived to be the face and voice of his group.

After he graduated high school, he would continue serving in leadership roles. At UCLA, he served as President of Samahang Pilipino and became the first Filipino American to be elected Student Body President.

Even during his time on the UCLA campus, Mark was leading Flipinos and preached Unity through social events.

Even during his time on the UCLA campus, Mark was leading Flipinos and preached Unity through social events.

Mark (right) stops by Cerritos High's Maharlika Club in 1991.

Mark (right) stops by Cerritos High’s Maharlika Club in 1991.

Today, Mark’s leadership success continues as he serves his first full year as Mayor of Cerritos.

Mark Pulido (center) and his wife Gloria celebrate his transition with FACCOC President Jun Jao (right) and Ambassador Jaril Tudio (2nd to right)

Mark Pulido (center) and his wife Gloria celebrate his transition with FACCOC President Jun Jao (right) and Ambassador Jaril Tudio (2nd to right)

During the Cerritos Council’s Annual Reorganization Meeting on March 13th, Mark placed things into perspective. “I feel very fortunate and just want to give back for all of my blessings. In elective office, I strive to set a positive example for my children and all our youth that you can truly make a difference in your local community and in the world.

Listen to Mark Pulido tell his story at FACCOC’s 6th Annual “Secrets to Success” on April 26th!


For most Filipino Americans, being raised in Long Beach usually meant you had Navy blood. For Emmanuel “E-Man” Coquia, it was his father who served in the Navy and was raised by a mom (who family members call “Tita Jane”). He has two younger brothers: Virman and Michael. What started as a “typical” Filipino childhood and teen life in Long Beach, California reached a turning point in the mid 1990′s as E-Man took his Djing to another level.

FACCOC Ambassador Neil Estrada who’s a first-cousin of E-Man’s recalls, “We were so proud of him. I remember many of us gathering around a car and blasting the radio because E-Man was a guest DJ on Friday Night Flavas. From there, it just got bigger and better.

CHEERS! DJ Eman (middle) and cousins Dean and Neil Estrada (right) celebrate after the Pacquiao fight.

CHEERS! DJ E-man (middle) and cousins Dean and Neil Estrada (right) celebrate after the Pacquiao fight.

HE'S EVERYWHERE! Eman and his daughter pose next to one of many Power 106 vehicles that have Eman's face.

HE’S EVERYWHERE! E-man and his daughter pose next to one of many Power 106 vehicles that have E-Man’s face.

Today, DJ E-Man does Power 106′s morning show with the famous “Big Boy.” The show has been #1 in the area for numerous consecutive years. In addition to being the morning show DJ, E-man is the music director and assistant program director for the station. Additionally, he has a full plate with various DJ spots at nightclubs and concerts around the world, celebrity parties, and his famous Power 106 basketball team that visits local high school campuses.

E-Man knew that talent and hard work alone wasn’t enough. Like most successful careers, it took key relationships in the music industry to reach new heights.

Eman and the Power 106 team at Yorba Linda High.

E-Man and the Power 106 team at Yorba Linda High.

Eman morning show

In the Power 106 studio working his craft.

His two younger brothers Virman and Michael are enjoying their own success as DJs in different capacities. Virman is a member of the famous “Far East Movement” while Michael is the music director and DJ on 105.1 Jamz along various gigs in Arizona and in the clubs.

Eman and his wife Joidie with Jennifer Lopez (middle)

E-Man and his wife Joidie with Jennifer Lopez (middle)

Aside from DJing, E-Man’s impact on the music industry is huge. Many artists know how he can make a song an instant hit from simply including it in a regular rotation of songs.

Listen to E-Man share his story at FACCOC’s 6th Annual Secrets to Success on April 16th!

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The Boss in Scrubs: Ray Mangune poses in front of his pride and joy Gerry's Grill in Artesia.

The Boss in Scrubs: Ray Mangune poses in front of his pride and joy Gerry’s Grill in Artesia.

When UCI Graduate Raymond Mangune discussed with his brother Mario the concept of owning a restaurant someday, he envisioned an upscale venue that still had a bit of a “Filipino family party” appeal. “I wanted a place people can relax, socialize, and have a great time. It didn’t matter if people just wanted a place to kick back after a long day of work or if they wanted to entertain family that came to town.

Traditional Filipino Dishes in a Modern Setting: Diners at Gerry's enjoy dinner with the locals.

Traditional Filipino Dishes in a Modern Setting: Diners at Gerry’s enjoy flexible seating to accommodate large groups along with flat screen displays for sports events.

Raymond took the plunge with partners in 2002 in opening a restaurant that reflected this vision. Years later, Gerry’s grill completed an expansion that allows diners to sit an a large modern setting. With the larger venue, Gerry’s has appeal for the “after work” crowd with bar stool seating and more space in general.

Ray shared, “One of the largest challenges I experienced in running Gerry’s Grill was getting accustomed to how detailed I had to get with the company’s finances. I wanted to run a true American business that allowed us to track overhead expenses, ingredient costs, and labor.

Ray is also the owner of South Street Dental in Cerritos.

Attend FACCOC’s “Secrets to Success” on April 16th to hear Raymond Mangune’s story along with DJ Eman, Mayor Mark Pulido, Gina Alexander, and Dennis Calvero of Crooks & Castles.

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JO KOY with the CROOKS GUYS: Dennis Calvero (right) with Jo Koy (middle) and Emil Soriano (2nd to left on top row)

JO KOY shares a laugh with CROOKS & CASTLES: Dennis Calvero (left) with Jo Koy (middle) and Emil Soriano (2nd from left on top row)

On April 16th, founder of “Crooks & Castles” clothing line Dennis Calvero and long-time friend, Emil Soriano will share their story on stage at FACCOC’s 6th Annual “Secrets to Success”. Attendees will hear their story of how they started their company in 2002 and were able to relentlessly achieve success through creativity and building key relationships in the industry. Crooks and Castles has grown to have over 350 accounts worldwide.

Photo from From Crooks and Castles Media Kit

Photo from From Crooks and Castles Media Kit

Emil and Dennis grew up in Cerritos and were able to experience a teen life similar most 2nd generation Filipinos in the suburbs. Emil attended Cerritos High while Dennis attended Artesia High on the south part of town. Although Cerritos is considered an affluent city, it borders cities such as Norwalk, Hawaiian Gardens, and is only minutes from Downtown Los Angeles and Long Beach. The influence of many lower-income areas would have a huge impact on music and style of Filipino youth. Being a child and teen and experiencing the Hip Hop revolution in the late 80s and early 90s ended up having a large influence in the feel and look of their clothing line today.

Friends who grew up with Dennis and Emil all knew their artistic abilities and ability to leverage relationships. While both could’ve easily taken the typical path of most Filipino youth of going to college and working a 9-5 job, they remained true to their vision of continuing to impact everyone and having fun.

Sign up for Secrets to Success here.


Orange County Food Bank.jpg.001FACCOC members and volunteers help to assemble 1,520 food boxes for children from low-income families and seniors at the Orange County Food Bank.


March 26, 2014

Contact: Chelsea Wilson
(202) 225-4111

Philippines Charitable Giving Assistance Act Signed into Law

Washington, D.C. –  Legislation co-sponsored by Representative Ed Royce (R-Fullerton) that would accelerate tax relief for Americans making charitable donations in support of Typhoon Haiyan recovery efforts in the Philippines has been signed into law by President Obama. The bipartisan Philippines Charitable Giving Assistance Act allows those who donate to the relief efforts between March 25 and before April 15 to take the charitable deduction when they file their 2013 tax returns.

“I applaud the passage of this bill,” said Royce. “The damage caused by Typhoon Haiyan has been truly devastating for the Filipino people. Many are still struggling to find clean water, food, and shelter for their families. Contributions are still desperately needed to help continue the rebuilding efforts and this bill encourages those who can donate to do so.”

While taxpayers can claim a tax deduction for contributions they make to charities, without this law they receive the tax incentive many months later, after they file their returns the following year. The Philippines Charitable Giving Assistance Act eliminates this delay and encourages additional donations to the relief efforts.

Note:  In February, Representative Royce, Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, led a bipartisan delegation of eight members to the Philippines and visited Tacloban, the city devastated by Typhoon Haiyan. In November of last year, Representative Royce introduced H.Res. 404, a resolution that expresses deep sympathy and support to the people of the Philippines for the terrible loss of life and massive destruction as a result of Typhoon Haiyan. Additionally, Representative Royce is a member of the Congressional U.S. – Philippine Friendship Caucus and led the charge in Congress to allow USAID to purchase, in the Philippines, part of the grain and relief distributed to typhoon victims.



speakers header - no info.001

FACCOC is setting it’s sights on their 6th Annual “Secrets to Success” event where guest speakers will detail their journeys toward achievement and have an interactive Q&A with attendees.

Pre-Register for $10 before April 1st!

DJ Eman, Power 106

ON THE AIR” and “IN THE AIR” is what best describes Long Beach, California’s very own DJ E-MAN! On the air, E-Man is the DJ/Mixer for Power 106 Los Angeles “Big Boy’s Neighborhood” Morning show with his world famous “Mickey-Fickey Mixes” which are featured every hour weekdays from 5am-10am. When off air, E-Man is behind the scenes at Power 106 as the Assistant Program Director and Music Director as well as the National Music Director for the Big Boy’s Neighborhood National Morning show. When not on the air, E-Man is “in the air” traveling around the country and world DJing various nightclubs and shows. E-Man’s most recent trip took him on a DJ tour to Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, South Korea, and the Philippines. E-Man is active in the community by coordinating and coaching the award-winning “Power 106 All-stars” Charity Basketball games which goes to various high schools weekly throughout southern California to help each school raise money for their needs. E-Man has recruited artists such as Justin Bieber, Tyga, Chris Brown, Snoop Dogg, Pitbull, and many others to be a part of these games. E-Man also recently completed his 4th USO tour entertaining our US troops and their families on US bases in Japan. When E-Man is not in the mix or finding the next hits, E-Man spends his time playing basketball, poker, and hanging with his family. E-Man states “I do this all for them. My family is my motivation!

Mark Pulido, City of Cerritos Mayor

Mayor Mark E. Pulido was elected to the Cerritos City Council in March 2011.

A proud Cerritos resident since 1972, Mayor Pulido has an extensive history of local community service and professional work experience in local, state and federal government. He was elected to the ABC Unified School District Board in 2001 and was re-elected in 2005 and 2009. He served as Board President in 2007-2008 and concluded his service in March 2011. Mayor Pulido also served as the Board Liaison for the ABC Federal Head Start and State Preschool programs for seven years. In 2009, the Los Angeles County Office of Education honored Pulido with its “Board Member of the Year” award. In 2013, Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. appointed Pulido to serve on the CaliforniaVolunteers Commission.

Mayor Pulido serves on the City’s ABC Unified School District, Parks and Recreation, Performing Arts, Personnel and County Health Department/Health Insurance Committees. Mayor Pulido is the Council’s delegate to the California Contract Cities Association and the Gateway Cities Council of Governments – 91/605 Corridor Cities Committee. He is the third alternate to the Sanitation Districts 2, 3, 18/Waste Management and Sanitation District 19/Waste Management.

Mayor Pulido is the District Director for Congressman Alan Lowenthal. He previously worked for the California Legislature for more than a decade, serving as District Director to State Senator Alan Lowenthal. Prior to that, he served as a legislative consultant with the California State Assembly in the Los Angeles offices of Assembly Speakers Robert M. Hertzberg, Herb J. Wesson Jr. and Fabian Núñez. In the 1990s, Mayor Pulido worked for the City of Long Beach in the City Manager’s Office, the Long Beach Redevelopment Agency, the Budget Bureau, the Parks, Recreation and Marine Department and the Gang Intervention/Prevention Program.

Mayor Pulido received his bachelor’s degree in History and Asian American Studies from the University of California, Los Angeles, where he served as UCLA Student Body President. He received his Master of Public Policy degree from The University of Chicago as a Woodrow Wilson National Fellow.

Pulido and his wife Gloria have two children.

Gina Alexander, Designer of Celebrity Handbags and Accessories

A picture-of a lover, a friend, a child, a pet, your husband, wife, mother or father. An image of the whole family, or somebody who is gone but not forgotten. A reunion, anniversary, birthday, a great moment at the office! These fond portraits are the hallmark of handbags and accessories by GINA ALEXANDER.

This L.A.-based designer has created a line of handbags and other kinds of accessories that allow the customer to design these unique pieces with their personal photos, mementos that travel with you each day, reminding you of the people, places and things you love! A GINA ALEXANDER Photo Bag is a lot of fun and an absolutely necessary accessory. With Christmas coming, the options are endless!

GINA ALEXANDER runs her business with the help of her husband Richard who oversees the various lines available through the company: Handbags, Men’s, Baby, and more. Most recently, via a licensing deal with Janie Hendrix (the sister of Jimi Hendrix), GINA ALEXANDER has created a line of Jimi Hendrix photo bags (both leather and fabric) and limited-edition, numbered leather jackets with rarely-before-seen images of the musician taken onstage at concerts like Winterland in 1968, Waikiki in 1969 and Arco – Sacramento in 1970 by well-known rock photographer Robert M. Knight.

This new Collection, just recently introduced, has already garnered the attention of fine stores such as Incognito- Michigan, Polite Society-Seattle and Gerard Marti Galleries-Maui, which will carry these distinctive accessories.

Every GINA ALEXANDER Photo Bag, and all her accessories, is made from the finest materials, hand-crafted, beautiful and lasting. Gorgeous on their own, the bags are even more dear when decorated with your own personal touch, your MIP-Most-Important Photo.

GINA ALEXANDER is a fashion veteran, having studied in Europe, apprenticing with LA-based fashion houses, and finally, opening her own kiosks stores at the Hollywood & Highland Retail complex and The Grove. Now, with a growing company, ALEXANDER’s Photo Bags have been sold through Nordstrom, ICE Accessories and Saks Inc. department stores and can currently be found on partnered retail locations such as ebags.com, 40+ boutiques nationwide and over 600 professional photography studios worldwide.

A recent appearance of GINA with her Photo Bags on the Home Shopping Network, (available in 87 million homes) was a huge success, selling out in record time.


Host Neil Estrada of Chase Mortgage welcomes the group

Host Neil Estrada of Chase Mortgage welcomes the group. Photo courtesy of Aze Media

Neil introduces Isiah Dacio "DJ Icy Ice"

Neil introduces Isiah Dacio “DJ Icy Ice”  Photo courtesy of Aze Media

Packed house in attendance! Large group, but intimate enough where you can engage other business owners.

Packed house in attendance! Large group, but intimate enough where you can engage other business owners. Photo courtesy of Aze Media

By: Edwin Baloloy, Board of Directors, Realtor with Prudential California Realty

FACCOC celebrated it’s March Mixer with a fun, laid back theme where members and guests can relax in a casual setting. With over 60 attendees, feedback was overwhelmingly positive with most guests wanting a similar event in the near future.

New member Adrian Lazatin won a 1-year membership from the pre-registration drawing. An additional drawing awarded an additional year to current member Natividado Maneja.

Pre-registration drawings will continue to be held to encourage early registration and for members to visit the website.

See you at our next event, Secrets to Success!


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Join us for “Mixer and the Music” as FACCOC hosts it’s March mixer featuring music by DJ Icy Ice.

While many know DJ Icy Ice in the Hip Hop and nightclub scene, many don’t know that he’s a big supporter of local youth. Recently, he was able to share his rise to fame at a TEDx conference:

We hope to see you on Thursday, March 13! Register here.


banner1Are you a small business owner?  Do you want to know the secrets of a successful business owner on how they structure their business to maximize their tax, legal & financial issues?  This educational seminar will help you navigate these rules and avoid any potential landmines.

You will learn:

  • Tax considerations in choosing the proper entity
  • How to avoid common pitfalls faced by the small business owner
  • Do you have a business succession plan in place?  Are your assets protected?
  • How do you protect your business from work-related issues?
  • How do you take advantage of tax-free retirement?
  • How do you effectively obtain cash flow for your business?

February 19, 2014, 6pm – 9pm

New York Life

2020 Main St. 6th Floor

Irvine, CA 92614

- FREE for FACCOC members

- Dinner and refreshments provided

- FREE parking

Register Today!